About the Project

The prestigious museum developed specifically for the Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation by Nobel foundation & Nobel Museum was brought to Dubai for the 2nd consecutive year. This year – the museum focused on the achievements in the space of Medical Science and the work of Nobel Laureates in this field.


The scope of work Sky High was extensive, but definitely deliverable in the available 2-3 weeks from the time of confirmation. However, the challenge came up when just 1 week before the project, the designs had to be completely revised!


Having a dedicated design team for the project and allocated designers made our challenge easier with the team stepping up to the challenge and delivering all the revised artworks and designs for approval within a day, and behold…. All approved and we were rolling again. The production team did their magic and ensured all deliverables were completed within the available timeframe. And ofcourse, none of these would have been possible without a sharp and co-operative client whose support was extended to us throughout – right from kick-off to delivery!

What We Have Done


The results are for everyone to see – high quality designs and materials delivered throughout the month-long project – right from the design concept to the innovative VIP invites, to the extensive branding done on-site, to the TVC and Radio Ads scripted and produced, to the 6 events managed through this month, to Video production done, to the…. Whew!

case-study nobel 10

Thankyou For Watching!